Equipment Recommendations

How do I create the looks in my photos????  On this page I will give you insight to a piece of the recipe, the equipment I have used.  I will link the equipment I have used so you can purchase (through my affiliate links of course).  If you have any specific questions feel free to reach out and be on the look out for my video reviews!


Flash Point AD600 Pro

The AD600 pro is an amazing advancement to the original AD600.  It has a slicker look and more functionality, such as stable color mode and a lower minimum power output setting.   This is my go-to light when shooting on location.  I love to pair it with the extension head to make it useable on my portable light stands.

Buy the AD600 Pro TTL by clicking here

Buy the AD600 Pro Non-TTL by clicking here

Buy the AD600 Pro extension head by clicking here

Flash Point AD600

The orginal AD600 flash was my first experience with battery powered flashes.  I love the convenience of battery power.  No plugs or A/C power needed.  I would recommend a solid stand or an extension head when shooting on location.   This light plus a modifier may be too heavy for a portable stand.

Buy the AD600 by clicking here

Get the extension head by clicking here

Flash Point Rapid 1200 II

So, I haven't actually used this model of light, I used the first version, which worked great for me.  It was awesome having all that power.  I was able to use grids with no problems.  

Buy the Rapid 1200 II by clicking here



I LOVE THIS CAMERA!  The auto focus is lighting fast. The files are large and robust.  The color science is on point straight out the box, something I couldn't say about the A7 III and the A7R III.  The flip screen is awesome.  It incorporates the tilt screen and the rotating screen.  The only challenge I have with this camera is the large files it produces.  I literally had to go from using 64gb cards to 128gb cards to get the same number of images.  The video features are solid, but I wouldn't use it for an A camera, but it is for sure a B or C camera.  If you are a portrait photographer or a landscape photographer this camera is for you!  Oh, it shoots 8k video, but I haven't tried it yet.  I wish it had a 6k mode, because, why not?

Buy the A7R 5 by clicking here


My first Sony camera was the A7 III.  I love everything about this camera and still use it on more casual shoots.  I have since upgraded to newer models, but I still love this camera.  If you are just starting out and can find a used model or get a new one on sale I would say go for it.  Just know that there are some features that you will be missing out on (internal 422 10 bit video, updated auto focus, a larger body, etc).  

Buy the A7 III by clicking here

Light Stands

Flashpoint Nano Light Stand - 8.5'

This little stand goes a long way.  It can be packed into a carry-on bag.  Tied to a photography bag or easily carried.  When I use this stand, I always use extension heads to limit the amount of weight the stand has to hold.  I also use this stand to hold 9' by 5' headshot backgrounds.

Buy the 8.5' Nano Stand by clicking here

Buy the 7' Nano Stand by clicking here

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