About - Oscar Merrida IV Photography

About The Photographer

Oscar Merrida IV has been a light artist (photographer) for more the seven years. He began his career in 2004 while taking a traditional black and white photography class. That course equipped Merrida to make a continous impact on the world around him.

Merrida utilized his photo capabilities in very diverse venues over the years. While attending Howard University in Washington, DC, Merrida served two terms as the Interim Photo Editor for The Hilltop Newspaper, managing a staff of 5 photographers. These experiences helped Merrida develop a coaching and mentoring approach to photography.

Merrida is now looking forward to using his years of experience in photography to develop a unique approach to model and portrait photography. He is also very interested in providing people with a basic knowledge of photography so that they have the tools to use this art form to express themselves.

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